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About the water saving fee

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Most people now use advanced smart water meters at home, so it is very convenient to pay each time. Every time a card is used, there is water, but sometimes there is no water fee for a short time. Although this way has facilitated our lives, it has also made us unable to know exactly how to use the water bill.

For this problem, there is a small coup in life. If the water fee exceeds the normal standard, you must remember to check if there is any problem with the pressure pump at home. Because if there is pressure in the water pipe at home, it will cause the pointer of the water meter to move all the time, so that the water fee of the house will be increased without knowing it. The method to be solved is also very simple. As long as the "hidden switch" of the water meter is turned on, the hidden switch is actually closing the water valve, because in the process of closing the water valve, the water inside the water pipe and the air will be discharged very well. Clean, so there will not be so much water pressure inside the water pipe, the water meter will naturally be normal!


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