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Automatic Message Recording and Advanced Metering Infrastructure

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AMR refers to the one-way transmission of user data to the company;AMI is a two-way communication based on the Internet of Things,Provide continuously available two-way communication between the network and the metering equipment, supporting functions such as precise measurement, collection of billing information, demand feedback, and remote service connection and disconnection.

Unlike AMR, AMI does not require utility personnel to collect data, and the system automatically transmits data directly to the utility at predetermined intervals.

Advantages of AdvancedMeteringInfrastructure:

1. Because AMI can realize remote connection and disconnection services, it reduces the trouble caused by frequent on-site service compared with old water meters.

2. AMI enables utility companies to receive continuous real-time usage data to detect water leaks, meter tampering and other problems early, reduce labor and vehicle costs, reduce water losses and billing errors, and help reduce taxpayers' water bills, and Improve customer service satisfaction.

3. AMI can be seamlessly integrated with large-scale advanced leak detection and pipeline assessment platforms to create a truly smart city. To put it simply, AMI can develop with the upgrade of a certain system.

4. AMI can realize the function of regional management, so that public utility companies can install AMI water meters in different locations of the water supply system to identify leakage losses in specific geographic areas.

Shanghong Water Meter is committed to providing water meters with AMI system to help more public utilities and government authorities reduce costs, improve efficiency, integrate services, and create flexible data collection infrastructure to meet more future needs.


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