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Benefits of using smart water meters

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Improve end-use analysis and efficiency: By capturing high-resolution data from separately metered household and network area tables, departments and consumers can understand daily and seasonal residential consumption patterns. This information is useful for optimizing operating procedures and planning network improvements. Data is also essential for the design, implementation and improvement of integrated resource planning, demand forecasting and demand management procedures.

Improve feedback and customer service: by providing more information about water use. Smart metering technology provides opportunities to improve water knowledge in communities and enables households to deepen their understanding of water use. For example, smart metering can provide real-time consumption monitoring. Instead of estimating daily usage based on historical consumption data.

Improve network efficiency: 24/7 access to water consumption data and alerts, allowing you to find the date of the leak. Smart metering improves revenue recovery by recording the exact amount of water used.

Easy billing: error-free, automatic online billing, and metering of apartments and tenants. Personalized billing options allow customers to easily manage and pay bills without disputes.

Enable remote accessibility: Remote accessibility attempts to address the inaccessibility, labor costs, and occupational health and safety risks associated with manual meter reading.

Prevent property damage: leaks can be found quickly. Reduce the chance of service interruption, floods, floods and other floods.

Reduce costs: Smart meters can be operated without errors. Accurate pricing, reduce costs through leakage suppression and increase efficiency.


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