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Buy best ultrasonic water meter by manufacturer price
SH-meters's ultrasonic water meters are well received by domestic and foreign customers for their high precision, wide range ratio, low price and high quality. Ultrasonic water meter instruments can be used to measure water flow rates and water flows in domestic, industrial, and agricultural irrigation systems.
Compared with the advantages of similar products:
1. The starting flow is stable, the range ratio is high, the measurement accuracy is high, and the operation is stable.
2. It can measure forward and reverse flow as well as instantaneous flow.
3. The internal components do not move, no flow blocking components, are not affected by impurities in the water, low wear and long service life.
4. The tube has strong ductility and strong water bearing capacity.
5. The output communication function is complete, to meet various communication and wireless networking requirements.
6. low power design, battery continuous work for more than 10 years.