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Bulk ultrasonic water meter

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As a settlement tool between water supply companies and users, water meters play an extremely important role in the water supply system. How to strengthen water meter management and improve modern management level? This is a difficult point for water supply companies. With the improvement of residents' quality of life. More people are asking for silence and family privacy, and to protect them from outside interference. In this way, the traditional home water meter readings obviously do not meet the requirements. Because once the family leaves, managers will delay the recording and work of water bills.

According to statistics, most of the water meters with a diameter of more than 50mm account for 64.54% of the total water sales. It can be seen that although the total water meters of these large users are not large, the water consumption is usually large. If the water meter is damaged, do not move or leak it. If a leak occurs, water will be wasted.

Because of the wide range and long distance of large-caliber water meters, some places are still far away. When using manual meter reading, the water company usually sends a special car to read it. Management costs are high and can only be copied once every half month or month. . If a large electricity meter is used for real-time monitoring, only a small amount of traffic costs are required each month, and the dynamic data of the large electricity meter user can be grasped at any time, reducing the workload. Meter reading, improve meter reading efficiency.

Through real-time monitoring of water meter users. They can understand their own water rules in time and dynamically control the operation status of water meters. Analyze and analyze the user's water consumption situation, and deal with the abnormal situation of water in time. You can further understand the operation of the entire pipeline network and scientifically and reasonably perform water supply dispatching.

Therefore, we recommend using a large-capacity ultrasonic water meter on the main pipeline, with high accuracy and data storage. Cherishing every drop of water serves the same purpose.



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