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Cas Client

  • About the water saving fee

    Most people now use advanced smart water meters at home, so it is very convenient to pay each time. Every time a card is used, there is water, but sometimes there is no water fee for a short time. Although this way has facilitated our lives, it has also made us unable to know exactly how to use the

  • Guadalajara Residential Pilot Project in Mexico

    We provided LORA water meter to Guadalajara customers in December 2017. After one year's operation, our products are accurate in measurement and control, and have been recognized by customers.

  • Trivandrum Government pilot project in India

    We started participating in this project in August 2018 and provided Lora water meter samples . Under our guidance, the sample testing was successful and pilot projects are under way.

  • Water Supply Project in Immigrant Village of Malaysia

    Our prepaid water meters began to participate in the water supply project of Malaysian immigrant villages in 2017. Under our guidance, prepaid products are running well locally. In December 2018, customers will purchase the second batch of prepaid water meters.

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