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Drop Measurement Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter

Threaded connection digital water meter, used in industrial pipelines, suitable for high pressure environment, can choose whether to install pulse output.
  • DN15~DN50

Drop Measurement Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter


System structure diagram as follows

· server send commands to the data concentrator through network;

· concentrator transforms the received commands into radio signal and send the signal to the water meters;

· water meters respond and execute the commands accordingly;

· Water meters deliver the result or data back to the management center as per the original route after the actions finished.

ultrasonic water meter


· Quality Gurantee: Water meter for 1 year;

· Support install guide & test in site;

· Date sheet can be sent to other management system easily.

ultrasonic water meter


·No mechanical movable parts,Impurities in water can’t be affected, long service life.

·Wide measurement range. Very small flow can be measured.

·Various alarm functions:Battery voltage can alarm、empty tubes or pipes that are not full of water、transducer fault alarm and more.

·Low-power design and the use of high-energy batteries, can work for 8 years and more.

·The communication interface is Lora or Rs485, can achieve remote

real-time monitoring and management on the LAN.