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Far EasTone Data builds a smart platform, and smart water meters help smart water affairs

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Far EasTone Data builds a smart platform, and smart water meters help smart water affairs

 With the continuous integration of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet into all aspects of traditional industries, and the continuous integration of emerging technologies and intelligent industries, urban water management wants to achieve great improvement and development, ensure water safety for residents, and solve urban problems. The demands and contradictions of water intake, water supply, water use, drainage and other issues, the comprehensive application of new technology and Internet thinking is the inevitable choice for the current water management department to promote and drive the modernization of water affairs, improve the social management and public service capabilities of the water industry, and ensure the sustainable development of water affairs. .

 With strong technical strength and strong product competitiveness, Sh-meter water meter satisfies the role of smart water meter as a smart city booster. So, where is the intelligence of the smart electronic remote water meter (non-magnetic, NB-IoT)?

1. NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things), the narrowband Internet of Things based on mobile cellular network, as a leader in long-distance wireless communication technology, NB-IoT has high security, wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection and low power consumption. Five highlights of cost, effectively ensuring stable data transmission and unlimited transmission distance

2. The electronic remote water meter (NB-IoT) has a massive capacity while inheriting the GPRS remote meter reading function. The communication user capacity of the same base station is 10 times that of the GPRS remote meter reading.

3. The components are made of high-quality materials and anti-corrosion treatment, which has the advantages of accurate measurement, durability, and convenient maintenance.

4. Compact structure and high protection level, up to IP68

5. Adopt non-magnetic sampling mode, not afraid of external strong magnetic interference, to ensure accurate measurement

6. Directly read word wheel data to ensure the consistency of electromechanical data (only for photoelectric direct reading meter)

7. Internal use of high-power batteries, continuous use time ≥ 6 years


 Our company's smart water meter supports remote transmission function, has the function of data remote transmission, supports M-BUS, NB-lot, Lora reading and inspection; and remote transmission is reliable and safe, and can effectively resist strong magnetic, strong electricity and lightning interference .

 Smart Water perceives the operation status of the urban water supply and drainage system in real time through online monitoring equipment such as data acquisition instruments, wireless networks, water quality and water pressure meters, and organically integrates the water management department and water supply and drainage facilities in a visual way to form the "Urban Water Affairs Internet of Things" , and can analyze and process massive water information in time, and make corresponding processing results to assist decision-making suggestions, and manage the entire production, management and service process of the water system in a more refined and dynamic way, so as to achieve a "smart" state. .


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