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GPRS Amr Water Meter System with Debugging Services

GPRS water meter is not restricted by area, as long as there is a 2G signal, it can communicate. The use of GPRS in a large area and low-density environment will reduce the cost of the project, and it is also more suitable for use in residential dense areas. GPRS cannot detect traffic in real time. It is online once a day and the battery has a long service life. Our company is a supplier of water meters and also provides this type of water meter. If you want to know more, you can contact me or check our company's website.
Connection method:
  • DN15~DN50

GPRS Amr Water Meter System with Debugging Services


Brief introduction

GPRS Wireless Water Meter belong to high-tech smart water meter, using of advanced wireless remote transmission technology. It transmission metered information of conventional mechanical water meter to Cloud server via GPRS.

GPRS AMR water meter is a combination of GSM wireless access technology and Internet packet switching technology.

Automatically read the metering data via wireless remote network and control the close / open of the valve, and is also able to transfer the data to the back-office system (data center) after reading the meters by wireless handset reader.


·With anti-magnetic interference function.

·With the battery voltage detection function.

·Module with automatic data storage function when power down arises, assuring the data won’t lost when power down.

·The joint of the GPRS module and the base meter uses the integrated structure, with built-in antenna, reducing the damage of antenna during the process of installation;

·Using GPRS transfer mode that can drastically extend the communication.

·The module uses of deep dormancy time design, it is able to completely close the wireless module during the deep dormancy time period(not in operation during night time ), which drastically help reduce the power dissipation;

·Whole circuit board uses of ultra low power consumption design, power supply by high capacity lithium battery, battery life over 6 years;

·set up the metering devices by the handset reader and check the original data and data from meter reading;

·Wide area network, no installation distance and water meter quantity limit.


GPRS-改_08water meter