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How do you read the water meter?

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How do you read the water meter?

  1. The first step: first find your water meter.

    If you want to read the water meter data, you must first find it. The water meter is generally installed in the water meter box, mostly located outdoors. The water meter box includes a metal or plastic cover on which the water meter is written. It is necessary to check the environment around the instrument to ensure that there are no animals or other harmful insects, and then use a screwdriver and other tools to remove the cover.

  2. Step 2: You need to determine the type of your water meter.

  3. Step 3: How to read your water meter.

    Different water meter types have different reading methods. First, the structure of the instrument. Dial: When water passes through the meter, the dial can rotate. One complete revolution is equal to 1 cubic foot of water. The water meter is measured in gallons. Convert this to gallons. Low flow indicator: Any water flowing through the water meter can be detected, so it can detect whether the water meter leaks. Odometer: Record total water consumption in cubic feet. This water meter odometer cannot be changed.

  4. Step 4: Calculate water consumption.

    Read the water meter odometer and write down the date, and then it is recommended to record the water meter odometer again at an interval of 1 week to calculate the difference. This is the amount of water you used during this period of time in cubic feet, and then converted to gallons. Divide this value by the number of days before the reading. This is the average amount of water used per day. You can use this value to determine how much water you used on average during this period of time or this day.


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