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How does the IC card water meter work?

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We often see smart water meters in our daily lives. There is an IC card prepaid water meter. Conceptually, it is a new type of water meter. It uses modern microelectronics technology. Modern sensor technology and smart IC card technology to measure water consumption. Transfer water data and settle accounts. In short, we need to use an IC card to swipe the card on the water meter. The appearance of the IC card water meter is basically similar to that of an ordinary water meter, and the installation process is basically the same. However, compared with the traditional water meter which only has the functions of flow collection and mechanical pointer, the display of water consumption has been greatly improved.


How does IC card prepaid water meter work?

It's very simple. There is an IC card reader in the water meter. When used, it will insert an IC card with stored value. After the reader is recognized, the valve will open. The user can use the water normally. At the same time, the water collection equipment in the water meter began to collect water. And convert it into the required electronic signal for measurement. The water volume can be displayed on the LCD display module of the water meter at the same time.

When the amount of water used by the user drops to a certain value. An audible alarm will prompt the user to pay the water bill. If the water volume exceeds the water volume, the microcomputer module will automatically close the electric control valve and cut off the water supply. Until the user inserts the paid IC card and opens the valve again to supply water. The IC card prepaid water meter can automatically calculate the water fee of the step water price and store the water data. The biggest advantage is that the water bill income has been changed from the employee's household meter reading fee to the user's own payment at the business office.

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