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How to choose the flowmeters?

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Factors to consider when choosing an instrument:

1. Price Generally, the more accurate the meter, the higher the price when choosing the meter.

2. Installation Accepts water meters with multiple installation methods, which is simpler in use than a single installation method.

3. The cost of replacing the meter is usually required by the government to replace the meter on time. At this time, the life of the instrument and the replacement cost are also very important for the selection of the instrument

4. The cost of turning on and off the meter Due to actual management needs, management departments usually need to switch valves to control water use. The AMR table saves labor costs in this respect.

5. Instrument application Regardless of whether the fluid in the pipeline is drinking water, water or sewage, the conductivity of the fluid in the pipeline is very important. Some meters are affected by fluid temperature and working pressure, so it is very important to choose a meter that meets your application needs.

6. Pipeline structure (upstream and downstream pipeline):

When the meter is too close to pumps, valves, elbows and other obstacles, unstable or irregular flow will affect its performance. Before selecting the meter, please check the specific requirements of the piping structure from the meter to the steady-state flow curve.

In this regard, SH meters provides you with the following products:

·Mechanical water meter

·AMR water meters

·Electromagnetic Flowmeter

·Ultrasonic flowmeter



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