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IC card water meter daily maintenance collection

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With the popularity of IC card water meters, more and more people began to pay attention to product maintenance. Only pay attention to maintenance in daily life can prolong its service life. Some users react to the fact that scale will appear after using IC card water meters for several years. These scales in the IC card water meter are likely to cause measurement errors in the water meter. Therefore, they will mistakenly believe that the quality of the meter is a problem. So, do you know what you should pay attention to when installing and maintaining IC card water meters?

1. First, we need to buy an IC card water meter (such as SH-MECH) that can clean the scale regularly. This can solve the problem of scale clogging the pipeline.

2. Before installing the IC card water meter, you need to clean the inside of the pipe without leaving any impurities.

3. The IC card water meter needs to be installed horizontally. Improper installation can lead to inaccurate measurement or easy damage.

4. During use, IC card water meters also need to be kept clean. It is necessary to avoid the corrosion of certain acidic substances on the water meter, and pay attention to the moisture resistance of the water meter.

5. If the IC card water meter is installed outdoors, it should be protected to avoid wind and sun as much as possible. In cold weather, please pay attention to the warmth of the water meter.


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