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Intelligent Small Diameter Ultrasonic Water Meter

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Intelligent Small Diameter Ultrasonic Water Meter


The ultrasonic water meter is a kind of water meter that further calculates the water flow by detecting the time difference caused by the speed change when the ultrasonic sound beam propagates in the water upstream and downstream, and analyzes and processes the water flow rate.

Compared with the traditional water meter, the ultrasonic water meter has no moving parts and no flow blocking elements, and is not affected by impurities in the water. It has high measurement accuracy and long service life, which can solve many problems of traditional water meters. The output communication function is complete, which can meet the requirements of various communication and wireless networking, and is more suitable for the gradient charging of water tariffs and the conservation of water resources.

In addition to monitoring the water flow, the ultrasonic water meter can also monitor the condition of the equipment itself. When the equipment starts to age or has an accident, the equipment will send a reminder to the water company through the Internet of Things, which is convenient for the staff to deal with it in time.


Application areas and scenarios

Ultrasonic water meters are mostly used in agricultural irrigation, township water supply, urban water supply and smart city construction. The application scenarios are as follows:

1. Applied to the DMA zone measurement and evaluation system and the SCADA system of the water supply pipe network;

2. Real-time monitoring of water pressure, water volume, temperature and other parameters in the independent metering area of the water supply network;

3. Analyze the change trend of the minimum flow rate at night, evaluate the leakage of the pipeline network in the area, and provide the basis for real-time alarm analysis of abnormal conditions;

4. Provide a data basis for the water supply management department to reasonably allocate water resources and scientific decision-making, reduce the work intensity of manual meter reading, and improve the work efficiency of the water supply management department;

5. Provide a basis for monitoring data, water supply scheduling evaluation, abnormal water consumption alarm, pipe network hydraulic model verification, monitoring and analysis of water consumption by large industrial and commercial users, reducing the production and sales gap of water supply companies, and improving the management level of water supply companies' pipe network.



Whether the ultrasonic water meter's excellent performance in large calibers and the difficulty of application in small calibers can be technically solved can determine the weight of ultrasonic water meters in the market. For companies involved in ultrasonic water meters, the current technological development is changing with each passing day and the speed is fast. In a few years, the technology of major manufacturers will become more and more proficient. Through different designs, the water meter can get rid of the various disadvantages brought by the hardware, the entire market. Some manufacturers without cutting-edge technology will also be eliminated, and high-end manufacturers will enter the stage of software competition. At that time, sophisticated calculation algorithms and meticulous correction algorithms, as well as specialization and humanization of function settings, will definitely become important factors affecting competition.


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