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Introduce you the different functions of the water meter

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Presumably everyone is not unfamiliar with water meters, it is almost everywhere in our daily life, but are we really familiar with water meters? What are the functions of the water meter? How much do you know? Now let me give you a detailed answer:


Water meter is an instrument for measuring water flow. It has a history of nearly 200 years and its main functions are:

1. Reading function: Support the meter reading task set by the management center, support the automatic manual reading of data information set by the system, and realize the unattended automatic meter reading function. At the same time, the system also supports manual meter reading function, which can read water meter data at any time.

2. Prepayment function: When the remaining water volume in the meter is less than the remaining water volume set value, the valve will be automatically closed, prompting the user to purchase water, and the valve can be opened after inserting the function card. The remaining water volume can be used until it reaches 0, and the valve will be automatically closed.

3. Complete reading data: user number, cumulative usage, remaining usage, last purchase, hoarding, purchase times, meter status, battery status, valve status, fault information and other information.

4. Anti-inversion function: It has a self-checking function when the water meter is inverted. After the water meter is inverted, the valve is automatically locked.

5. Anti-breakage function: The water meter is automatically locked when it is protected against external knocks and electromagnetic damage or external wiring damage.

Sixth, anti-drip function: with dripping function.

7. Other functions: 1. Pulse metering; 2. Carrier wake-up function; 3. Real-time two-way communication; 4. Real-time wireless valve control; 5. Low voltage alarm; 6. Low voltage valve closing; 7. Disassembly alarm; 8. Magnetic Attack alarm and close valve; 9. Timely and quantitatively report data; 10. Designated routing function; 11. Disassembly detection function; 12. Active fault alarm function (this function can be wirelessly closed)

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