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IoT Smart Water Meter Solution

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IoT Smart Water Meter Solution

The management mode of water meters in traditional water systems is generally based on manual meter reading and manual inspection. The losses caused by miscopying and misreading, old dripping and other reasons are huge. At the same time, due to the untimely maintenance, users complain and complain. It also happens from time to time. The emergence of smart water meters seems to bring the dawn to solve the above problems, but there are many difficulties in the actual promotion process. For example, wireless water meters need signal coverage, wired water meters require network wiring, and have high requirements for construction and the environment; button-type battery water meters have battery life The performance of electromagnetic water meters and ultrasonic water meters is better but the unit price is high, and it is not easy to popularize on a large scale.

Smart Water Meter

Is there a way to completely solve the problem of water meter promotion, application and management? The answer is of course yes. Smart water meters based on NB-IoT communication technology are a good strategy and the main trend of the future development of the smart water market.

Program overview

Based on the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology, the traditional water meter is upgraded and transformed into the Internet of Things, and the passive management mode is changed into an active one, so as to realize the active reporting of all the information of the water meter; with a series of management cloud platforms as the hub, the intelligent management of the water meter is unified. It can collect data in various ways and report it actively to meet the requirements of data accuracy and save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Overall structure

Based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT), from IoT terminal equipment to cloud platform, based on the core communication module of "Yitong", "Yitongyun" IoT big data management system as the central hub, "Yitong" micro- Supported by service architecture development tools, it expands the integrated technical architecture that supports EMTC, 2.5G, 4G, 5G and other cellular mobile network access and multi-network communication integration.

Application Architecture

The management system can monitor the operation of water meters, link APP and other customer mobile management terminals, and conduct real-time remote monitoring and management of equipment. Through the heartbeat data and self-check data reported by the water meter, the system can judge whether the state of the water meter is normal, and quickly locate the fault source and cause according to the automatic alarm information of the water meter; the system supports the query of the installation location and status of the water meter, and the fault information , location, time, frequency, etc. for multi-dimensional report presentation, providing a rigorous scientific basis for water meter management and maintenance.

core function

1. Visual monitoring

Through the platform homepage to intuitively understand the NB-IoT IoT water meter information, managers can intuitively understand the layout of the smart water meter and the corresponding operating status

2. Data monitoring

Display the real-time operating status of the NB-IoT IoT smart water meter in the form of graphical charts, and detect online, offline, operation and maintenance, early warning and alarm data in real time

3. Data Analysis

The platform can conduct data analysis through real-time data collection and monitor the operating status of all equipment, such as whether the water meter is online, whether the water meter voltage is normal, etc.

4. Automatic inspection

The equipment can automatically inspect and report the heartbeat, and automatically alarm in case of failure; all inspection results will form a daily inspection report, graphical report analysis and display data, and the on-duty personnel can clearly understand the operation of the equipment through the inspection results, and realize automatic and intelligent management.

5. Alarm linkage

The cloud management platform and the mobile management application (Pad/App/mini program, etc.) are linked in real time to the alarm signals of the water meter, so that the operation and maintenance personnel can quickly go to the scene to solve the fault problem.

6. Business linkage

The IoT perception platform automatically detects equipment failure information, and can track and process equipment failure task information through the interface of the integrated business management platform and the equipment failure process of the integrated platform.


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