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Little knowledge about water meters

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1. Performance indicators:

The main technical parameters of the water meter are as follows:

(1) Water temperature: This parameter specifies the maximum temperature of the water meter. The user should choose the model and specifications that suit his needs, otherwise the measurement of the total water flow of the water meter will be inaccurate.

(2) Working pressure: specifies the maximum pressure of the water body measured by the water meter. If the water pressure exceeds this limit, the water meter may be damaged or leak.

(3) Flow coefficient: including nominal diameter, maximum flow, nominal flow, boundary flow, minimum flow and initial flow. Users can choose nominal diameter and flow according to actual needs. The initial flow reflects the sensitivity of the water meter.

(4) Indication error.

(5) External dimensions and weight: The external dimensions of the water meter include various parameters that should be understood during installation. Such as length, width, height, connection thread, etc. In addition, size and weight are related to packaging and shipping.

2. Inspection method:

The inspection of the water meter is performed according to the technical conditions of each manufacturer and GB / t778. Inspection items: visual inspection (including external dimensions), hydraulic test. Indication of errors, flow measurement and accelerated wear testing. The number of water meters to be tested shall be at least three. If it is necessary to increase the number of water meters tested, the maximum is 10.

3. Signs:

Arrows indicating the direction of water flow and the nominal diameter of the water meter protrude from the housing. Mark the dial. Mark the measurement level and manufacturing number under the cover.

4. Packaging, storage and transportation:

Each water meter should be individually packaged in a small package to prevent collisions during transportation and handling. The water meter should be placed horizontally. A water meter is an instrument and the outer packaging should be marked with the words "up" and "handle with care". The water meter should be stored in a dry place with an ambient temperature of 5-40 ° C and no corrosive media in the air.


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