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Long Service Time Wide Measurement Range Ultrasonic Water Meter

The ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter that can further calculate the water flow by detecting the time difference caused by the speed change when the ultrasonic sound beam propagates upstream and downstream in the water, and analyzes and processes the water flow rate. Large-diameter intelligent ultrasonic water meters are increasingly widely used in water supply pipes and pipe networks, which play a significant role in realizing water supply monitoring and comprehensive dynamic management, remote monitoring of pipe network operation, reducing the leakage rate of pipe networks and the production and sales gap of water companies.
  • DN15~DN50

Long Service Time Wide Measurement Range Ultrasonic Water Meter


Not affected by impurity, chemicals and magnetic materials in medium;

No moving parts in measuring mechanism, free of wear and tear, and accuracy does not degrade over the life of the meter;

Horizontally or vertically mounted;  

Low pressure drop;

IP68 protection level, can adapt to various harsh installation environments;

Support RS485 communication, LoRa wireless collection.

Ultrasonic Water Meter

System structure diagram as follows

· server send commands to the data concentrator through network;

· concentrator transforms the received commands into radio signal and send the signal to the water meters;

· water meters respond and execute the commands accordingly;

· Water meters deliver the result or data back to the management center as per the original route after the actions finished.


· Quality Gurantee: Water meter for 1 year;

· Support install guide & test in site;

· Date sheet can be sent to other management system easily.

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