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Precautions for small size water meter

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In the water supply network of urban buildings, large water meters are usually used as general water supply measurement. Regarding the precautions for using large water meters, smart water meter manufacturers summarize the following points. Now they have shared with you and hope to help you.

Unlike small-caliber water meters, large-caliber water meters are more important in the water supply chain. Therefore, you should pay attention to it and require regular maintenance of the following items.

1.Due to the serious deterioration of water quality, after using a large-caliber water meter for a period of time, the water company needs to clean or clean the inside of the water meter, otherwise it will block the inside of the water meter. Place some sediment or impurities for a long time, causing abnormal use of the water meter.

2. The service life of large-caliber water meters may be much worse than that of small-caliber water meters. why? The main reason is that the internal effect of the large-caliber water meter is relatively loose, the caliber of the water meter is large, and the water flowing through is much worse than the ordinary small-mouth water. Therefore, regular water meters need to be replaced.

3. They have their own functions, but the latter is installed in the supervisor and serves as a summary. When using a large-caliber water meter, you need to upload the LCD screen data. This amount should be compared to the water bill for each household. In order to avoid the contradiction of water charges and inconvenience between the customer and the water company.


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