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Remote Monitoring STS Prepayment Water Meter

sts integrated water meter provides smart water meter solutions.
  • DN15~DN25

Remote Monitoring STS Prepayment Water Meter









  • lngress protection IP67 waterproof

  • UP to 8 years battery life

  • Automatic valve controling

  • STS Standard

  • Real-time clock

  • Utilities can set step price into meter on request

  • Anti-Tamper Magnetic field protection

  • LORA-RF communication ( CIU)

  • Pay by mobile payment M-PESA,Alipay,MTN,Airtel,etc.









 System function

Our STS product system functions include water price setting, rate setting, quick search and recharge,Print receipts, reset balance, change password, query history, overdraft,etc.


Brief introduction

The keypad Prepaid Water Meters is an STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant, electronic valvecontrolled water meter. You are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at thesame time.

RF STS Prepayment Water Meter System consists of smart water meter and integrated keypad withRF module inside for AMR/AMl function.Automatic Meter Reading with/without valve control (AMR/AMI)function is also available,which could realize remote meter data collection & monitor;

lt is compatible with both velocity and volumetric type water meter,which comply with OIMLR49,ISO4064.And conforms to STS standard protocol.



Technical Index And Specifications

1.Nominal Values


Operation 0.1~30℃
Storage -40℃to+85℃
Meter shell Protection Rate IP67

2.Metrological Parameters-Directive 2004/22/EC(MID)&EN 14154:2007


Nominal size Dn mm in-line
15 20 25
Maximum flow Q4 m³/h 3 5 7
Ratio"R" Q3/Q1
100 100 100
Permanent l flow Q3 m³/h 1.5 2.5 3.5
Transitional flow Q2 0.12 0.20 0.28
Minimum flow Q1 0.03 0.05 0.07
Minimum reading 0.0005

Miximum reading 99999


3.Dimensions And Diagram



Nominal size Length Width Height Connecting
mm D
15 165 101 124 G3/4B
20 195 101 124 G1B
25 225 101 124 G5/4B

Note: dimensions technical pararmeters are subject to physical products or ordering.


Basic Functionality


Function Details
Prepayment STS Standard, recharge by input 20digits TOKEN.
Low credit alarm Alarm value can be set by inputting corresponding TOKEN.
Prepaid and post-paid switch Meter can be switch to prepaid mode or post-paid mode.
Non-return valve Non-return valve inside for preventing back-flow.
Anti-tamper Meter will automatically close the valve after detection of magnetic
field and open cover event.
Step Tariff Step Tariff can be set by inputting corresponding TOKEN.
Overdraft Collection Non-Revenue water(Overdraft) can be collected day by day or
month by month.
Communication The meter is available with AMl system through GPRS or Bluetooth
4.0 on request.
Information Inquiry Consumer could check the data like Credit Remain,Total Purchased
and Total Credit by input the short code.
Liquid Crystal Display 4




Pay As You Go Water Vending Process



Water Purchase

(1)Please go to the local selling water business hall.

(2)To provide operator meter ID number ( ID number printed on the water meter).


(3)Tell the operator how much you want to buy and prepay.


(4)On the receipt,you can get a printed TOKEN "20(Digits)"


Smart Water Metering Solution


Solution 1: Prepaid water meter 

End-users use IC cards to pay water bills.When the balance in the water meter is 0,the water meter closes the valve and stops the water supply.


Solution  2:AMl water meter system
At present,mature models of wireless remote meter reading in my country are divided into Lora and GPRS.The system could achieve the water consumption of all users who instal water meters can be monitored via cloudy platform in office.Not only can the data be sent to the service olatforrm of the water supply company in the form of data docking,but also the abnormal water consumption meter can be alarrmed.


Solution  2:Pipe Leakage system
Using high precision ultrasonic water meter in water supply main pipe.( its accuracy can reach R400. Even a small flow of water used by a single resident can be measured.) We needn't to go to the site to read the meter.only need read the total water consumption in the area from the manage computer.Then we can use the water consumption of the main pipeline to subtract the water consumption of the sub-pipeline to contirm the pipeline leakage and leakage rate in the area.STS_14


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