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Remote Reading Ultrasonic Water Meter For Home Quality Testing

Household ultrasonic water meters integrate measurement, integration, display, valve control and wireless communication. Using micro power consumption technology, the battery can be used for more than 6 years. , At the same time, the instrument has the characteristics of small size, good stability, and strong anti-interference ability. The calculator realizes accurate flow measurement by processing the temperature difference collected by the sensor and the time difference of the sound wave passing through the fluid.
  • DN15-DN40

Remote Reading Ultrasonic Water Meter For Home Quality Testing

water flow meter


  1. The circuit board of the ultrasonic water meter adopts the silicon gel full potting process, which effectively prevents the intrusion of moisture and water, so that the service life of the product is prolonged.

  2. The data will not be lost when the power is off, the data can be stored for more than ten years, and 23 months of historical data can be stored automatically.

  3. Large-capacity lithium battery with a capacity of 8500mAh. The battery life can be as long as 8-10 years.

  4. The LCD screen displays flow rate, cumulative flow, temperature, date, elapsed time, meter address, historical data, etc. 

  5. Remote Reading Ultrasonic Water Meter For Home Quality Testing,It has the function of reading data remotely.


  1. The water meter can perform wireless data transmission through LoRa wireless or NB-IoT wireless remote transmission.

  2. Water meter can be wired data transmission through M-BUS or RS485 communication


The ultrasonic water meter collects sound waves and uses a calculation formula to obtain the amount of water flowing through the water meter per unit time to calculate the water flow rate to obtain the cumulative flow of water. 

Due to the unique structure of the ultrasonic water meter, the pipe must be filled with water when installing the water meter. If there are bubbles in the pipe section, it may affect the measurement of the water meter. When installing the ultrasonic water meter, it is advisable to choose horizontal installation or vertical installation.



multi jet water meter (12)

water flow meter