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SH-mech Prepaid water meter

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The prepaid water meter is a new type of smart water meter. Metering, water control, data transfer and transaction settlement are possible.

Scope of application:

CPU card water meters are mainly used in large water supply companies. Radio frequency IC cards are used for drinking water metering and control in homes, apartments, hotels, etc.


© Prepaid function: The water sales department recharges the IC card. The user inputs the amount of water into the water meter through the IC card. This amount is automatically reduced when using water.

© Query function: Users can check the remaining amount, water consumption and other related information on the water meter screen.

© Supplementary Card Function: After losing the water card, you can go to the water department to replenish water. The amount in the original card will not be lost.

© Valve abnormal metering function: If a fault occurs and cannot be turned off, an “overdraft” amount of water is generated. The controller will automatically record the "overdraft" amount of water. The overdraft water will be automatically deducted into the user's purchase water card at the next recharge.

© Periodically open and close the valve function: The water meter will automatically open and close the valve once at the specified set time. The battery discharge function can also be implemented by performing the descaling function.


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