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Small size Remote reading ultrasonic water meter

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Small size Remote reading ultrasonic water meter

Ultrasonic water meter performance characteristics

High precision: The typical error can be within ±1%, which is more than 1 times higher than that of mechanical water meters.

Wide range: the range ratio can reach up to 400:1, which is 5 times that of mechanical water meters, and can be applied to various water conditions.

Low start-up: Very high sensitivity, even small water flows can be identified, which can effectively improve the income of the water supply department.

Small pressure loss: The straight-through metering pipe section structure has little effect on water flow, which can reduce costs for water supply departments.

No wear: There is no mechanical wear and tear of traditional water meters, and the measurement accuracy will not decline after long-term operation.

Strong protection: The product structure and principle ensure that the water meter can work for a long time under high pressure, low temperature, and water immersion without damage.

Tamper-proof: The digital encryption technology can prevent users from tampering with internal data and issue an alarm message when the water meter is illegally disassembled.

Development Outlook

Metrology performance

Accurate measurement of water consumption is the basic requirement of ultrasonic water meters as measuring instruments. Water meter manufacturers should continue to optimize product technical routes and production processes, and continuously improve the measurement performance of ultrasonic water meters to ensure that measurement performance is not affected by product service life and water quality. Non-revenue water supply or disputed water supply volume due to metering errors in the water supply sector.

Protection ability

Water meters not only require accurate measurement, but also need to be durable. The structural design of the ultrasonic water meter should fully consider that the product will not be damaged under various climatic environments such as exposure, dust, water, immersion, high temperature, low temperature, and high humidity for a long time. In addition, data encryption and redundant backup algorithms should be used to ensure that the electronic metering data stored inside the ultrasonic water meter is not illegally tampered with.

Smart function

At present, the so-called "intelligence" of smart water meters is only for simple management functions such as remote data transmission or cost control. The ultrasonic water meter should provide users with intelligent application functions such as water consumption statistics, water consumption behavior assessment, and early warning of pipe network conditions on the basis of its digital measurement results, and provide rational suggestions for water supply units to optimize water supply and users to save water.

manufacturing cost

The material cost, quality control cost of key components, and finished product assembly and verification costs of ultrasonic water meters are higher than those of mechanical water meters, resulting in higher product prices compared with traditional smart water meters. The bulk purchase of ultrasonic water meters in the water supply sector cannot bring obvious economic benefits to it.

Battery life

At present, all water meter manufacturers evaluate the battery life based on the rated capacity of the battery and the average operating current of the electronic circuit board. However, the changes in ambient temperature under the actual water meter installation and use conditions and the long-term self-discharge of the battery will cause the battery power to decay rapidly. Mass meter replacement due to battery problems can have serious social and economic consequences.

Reliable electronic components

The ultrasonic water meter has the problem of the reliability of the electronic components in the long-term operation of the mechanical water meter. Water meter manufacturers need to strictly verify the reliability of ultrasonic sensors, electronic circuit boards and embedded functional software, breaking the mindset of "electronics are not mechanically reliable" caused by long-term dealings with mechanical water meters in water supply departments.

Water quality suitability

In theory, the measurement performance of the ultrasonic water meter will not be affected by the water quality. However, in actual working conditions, if there is a long-term accumulation of impurities such as sediment in the pipeline, or the pH of the water is too high, it may contaminate and corrode the transmitting and receiving surface of the ultrasonic sensor. And the metal reflection surface of the sound wave reflection mechanism obstructs the sound wave path, making it impossible to measure.


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