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Smart DN15 Lora Ultrasonic Water Meter

LORA wireless water meter using of advanced wireless transmission technology, it transforms metered information of conventional mechanical water meter into electrical signal have it stored by micro-electronics control circuit. It is able to automatically read the metering data via wireless remote network and control the close open of the valve.
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  • DN15~DN40

Smart DN15 Lora Ultrasonic Water Meter

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           Ultrasonic Water Meter For Residential

. Large dynamic range is R250 and (Metrological properties) better than Class D.

. It is designed with a protection class of IP68. The meter can keep on working under long-term submersion in water.

. SCL-61H ultrasonic water meter is working with micro-power consumption technology. (The lifetime of the battery is over 10 years).

. A flowrate as low as 1.5L/H can be precisely measured.

. The meter has no mechanical moving parts. Because of no pressure loss, energy consumption of water pumps and hence operating cost of water supply enterprise is drastically reduced and the service life will be longer.

. The meter enjoys the merits of being compacted in size and high in stability and anti-interference capability.

. Thanks to be application of ultrasonic measuring technology, it is possible to mount the meter at any angles without being affected in measuring accuracy. Moreover, the pressure loss of pipe flow can be reduced to a minimum.

. It supports photoelectric, RS-485 and M-BUS output interfaces and provides Radio Frequency and remote meter data reading functions to facilitate centralized management of users. Whenever the pipe network runs abnormally, the abnormality information can be timely reported to upper level.

. The meter conform to China mational standard GB/T 778-2007 <<Measurement of water in full flow in closed pipe and cold drinking water meter and hot water meter>>.

. Ex-Works calibration is made in conformity to China national standard JJG 162-2009 <<Cold water meter>>.








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