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  As the China’s professional manufacturer and distributor since 2013, we have developed a comprehensive water meter range and a complete solution for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market on Mechanical type water meter and smart water meters. Our products include:Prepaid water meter,lora water meter,GPRS water meter,Ultrasonic water meter,multi jet water meter,woltman water meter and other water meter products.
You need smart water solution and smart water meter!!
Are you still upset about water management difficulties? Are you still facing the challenge of unsafe water supply? Are you still upset about the high cost of water?
We believe that through the application of intelligent digital water meters, we can find ways to solve these problems. A cutting-edge smart water meter solution based on the Internet of Things.Have you started?
What is AMR system water meter?

Wireless remote water meter allows you to charge full water without going out!​
The AMR system products include
:Lora wireless AMR water meter、GPRS wireless AMR water meter、NB-iot water meter.
AMR System structure diagram as follows:
1. server send commands to the data concentrator through network;
2.  concentrator transforms the received commands into radio signal and send the signal to the water meters;
3. water meters respond and execute the commands accordingly;
4.  Water meters deliver the result or data back to the management center as per the original route after the actions finished.

Product display

Prepaid water meter features:








 Dry dial

 Maximum pressure


 Maximum temperature


 Protection level


 Battery model


 Battery capacity

 More than 6 years

 Software payment



 Almost no use cost


 Stand-alone application


 Prepaid water meter、  IC card、Card Reader 、   Software

necessary part of sample purchase:Prepaid water meter、IC card、 Card Reader.  
Advantage:Transmit information through IC card, charge accurately Install and operate easily.
【Use water after pay】

lora water meter features:

 Size  DN15~DN25
 Material  Brass
 R  80
 Type  Dry dial
 Maximum pressure 1.0MPa
 Maximum temperature  T30
 Protection level  IP68
 Battery model  ER18500
 Battery capacity  More than 6 years
 Cost  Electricity and flow charges for concentrators.
 Software  B/S Cloudy serve platform
 Composition  Lora water meter,Concentrator,Repeater,Serve   Platform
necessary part of sample purchase:Lora water meter、Concentrator
Advantage:LAN transmission data,low power, Suitable for intensive installation .real-time reading control.

【Read at any time to control】

GPRS water meter features:

 Size  DN15 ~ DN300
 Material  Brass/ductile iron
 R  80/50
 Maximum pressure  1.0MPa
 Maximum temperature  T30
 Protection level  IP68
 Battery model  ER26500
 Battery capacity  More than 6 years
 Software cost  Free
 Communication band  GSM850/EGSM900 
 Cost  The mobile data traffic fee for 2g data traffic in the     water meter.
 Software  B / S Cloudy Service Platform

Advantageswide coverage, low energy consumption and low cost.

【2g network unimpeded】
Why choose us?
Our water meter  process is precise and the parts are of high quality
long battery life
  1. It uses ER18500 battery with a capacity of up to 4500mAh and a service life of up to 6 years.
  2. Easy to be replaced .
  3. Waterproof treatment at both ends of the bettery.
  4. Battery from China's leading battery supplier.
  1. Low power consumption.
  2. Quiescent current 5μA.
  3. Automatically open and close the valve once a month.
  4. close the valve when it's low power .
IP68 seal
Sealed with electronic glue and silicone get to IP68 rating.
  1. The motor comes from the world's leading manufacturers.
  2. Every motor will do the switch test.
We provide the best after-sales service
  • Regarding software systems, we can provide fee system development services.
  • For the installation of water meters, we provide technical guidance, customers can come to the factory for training and learning at any time, we can also provide technical staff to help customers install locally.
We have sufficient stock and fast delivery
We have a dedicated sample line and a large production line with sufficient stock and fast delivery.

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About lora water meter
1. How about the transmission distance?
The distance of LoRa transmission data is mainly affected by the actual installation environment. In a relatively empty transmission environment, the transmission distance can reach 1000 meters. Therefore, the concentrator is generally installed at the commanding height of the cell.
2. Degree of protection?
Our LoRa wireless water meter adopts full potting and sealing technology, which uses the silicone gel package circuit board part, and the battery plugging port is also sealed to achieve IP68 protection level.
3. About the frequency band?
Our LoRa water meter can be used in the frequency bands of 470-510MHz and 865-868MHz, which is determined by the design procedure of the module.  If your region is another frequency, we can provide customized for you .
4. How many water meters can a concentrator carry?
Less than 500 pcs meters at the present.
5. How does the concentrator transfer data?
The concentrator needs 220V power supply, and uses GPRS to wirelessly transmit data to the platform on the PC side;
6. Can I do a Lora ultrasonic valve control water meter?
No, because the built-in valve will have a greater impact on the stability of the ultrasonic measurement. The higher the frequency of the switch valve, the greater the impact on the accuracy of the measurement.
7. What data on the water meter can the platform collect?
At present, our platform can collect the accumulated flow, battery voltage and upload time on the water meter, and the ultrasonic LoRa can also collect the instantaneous flow rate.
About prepaid water meter
1. What is the battery life?
Regular use of ER18500 battery, 4500mAh, frequency of meter reading every 3 days, battery life can reach 4-6 years; if using upgraded version of ER26500 battery, capacity up to 9000mAh, frequency of meter reading once a day, battery life can be up to 4 More than a year.
2. Protection level?
At present, the perpaid water meter adopts the full potting and sealing technology, and the silicone gel package circuit board part is used, and the battery insertion opening is also sealed to achieve the IP68 protection level.
3.What if the water meter is broken?
We will advise customers to purchase a certain number of spare water meters when purchasing in bulk. When problems occur, they can be replaced first, and then the problem water meter will be sent back to the manufacturer for confirmation and repair.
4.Will the valve block?
The water meter valve is automatically cleaned once a month to prevent blockage.
About service
Yes.we provide the free design for your logo on water meter dial,and package.
2.OEM/ODM Service?
With more than 10 years OEM&ODM experience for famous brand ,we can provide the services.
Yes,We need partners.
4.Delivery time?
7 to 10 days.
5.warranty period?
One year

About us
  As the China’s professional manufacturer and distributor since 2013, we have developed a comprehensive water meter range and a complete solution for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market on Mechanical type water meter and smart water meters. Moving with the changes in technology and precision metering has been the mission of the company since its genesis and we are adding metering that can support water sustainability using. Since 2017, we start the export smart water meters to the whole world, and hope more and more countries and region people can save the water with us together with the smart technology and system. Nowadays, SH-MECH Meters have already become one the main important exporter for water flow meters in China.
  We will provide your product to your hand in timely manner and keep you informed of process with your order throughout the whole sales. From the strictly QC inspection, strictly cost control and five star quality services, we believe that you will own a more solution on water metering.
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