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Some introduction of GPRS water meter

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Our GPRS water meter has been widely used in many countries/regions. Let me briefly introduce our products.


1. The GPRS water meter system sends and receives signals from the water meter through 2g signals. The water meter has a built-in sim card module, and you can read and control the water supply through a computer.

2. The installation is simple, and the installation method is the same as that of a mechanical water meter, without wiring.

3. The signal transmission is stable without being affected by the communication distance.

4. Usually sleep. Only after reaching the online time, it will be online for 30S to ensure the battery life.

After installing the smart water meter, we have a GPRS pilot in South Africa. There are about 200 PCs in Roxuvile, which effectively increases the reading rate and can manage data in the soft system. After the pilot, such as voltage, flow, signal and valve status, the planned 8000 GPRS water meters will completely replace mechanical water meters.

The future will become smarter.


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