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The history of water meter development in China

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The history of water meter development in China

The development of the water meter has a history of nearly two hundred years since the invention of the balance tank water meter with the characteristics of the instrument in 1825. During the period, the structure of the water meter has successively appeared in the form of reciprocating single-piston water meter, rotary piston water meter, disc water meter, rotary wing water meter and spiral wing water meter (also known as Waterman water meter). The working principle and basic structure of these water meters are still used by water meter manufacturers in various countries, but the continuous progress in design, technology and material selection has greatly improved the metering performance and reliability of water meters and reduced manufacturing costs.

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The use and production of water meters in my country started relatively late. In 1879, Li Hongzhang established my country's first water plant in Port Arthur to run the Navy. In 1883, the British colonialists built a second water plant in Shanghai, and water meters began to enter our country. As some coastal cities built water plants one after another, by the 1930s, the then Shanghai Guanghua Machinery Factory (the predecessor of Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory) and others imported some parts from abroad to produce water meters. For quite a long time, the water meters of Britain, France, Japan, Germany and other countries have been occupying the water meter industry in my country. These water meters of different varieties and specifications have different standards and cannot be interchanged with parts, which will bring water meter maintenance to the water company in the future. great difficulty.

In the early 1980s, under the organization of the Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrumentation Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, the water meter industry launched a national unified design of eight pointers and integral impellers for small-caliber water meters according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 4064 for water meters at that time. water meter. The unified design and plasticization of water meter components have created favorable conditions for the organization of specialized production of water meters, greatly promoted the progress and development of my country's water meter industry, and met the development needs of the growing urban and rural water supply industry. In the 1990s, my country's economic construction continued to develop rapidly, and the water meter industry also developed rapidly. The number of enterprises and total output more than doubled. At the same time, various intelligent water meters, water meter reading systems and other products also began to emerge.

In 1985, the State Economic Commission included water meter products in the product catalogue of industrial product production licenses. At the same time, the water meter industry began to implement the national standard for water meters GB778-1984 "Nominal Diameter 15-40mm Rotor Type Cold Water Water Meter". In 1986, my country promulgated and implemented the Measurement Law, and the management of water meters, a measuring instrument, was gradually incorporated into the legal management track. Since the late 1980s, water meter manufacturing enterprises have been managed according to the manufacturing license of measuring instruments. During the transitional period from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, water meter products were managed with dual certificates, namely the "production license" issued by the former Ministry of Machinery and the "manufacturing measuring instrument license" issued by the former National Bureau of Metrology. , which basically ended in 1994, during which a total of 55 enterprises received dual certificates. In 1991, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision stipulated the implementation measures for the compulsory verification of measuring instruments, among which the management method of "the first verification before installation and rotation upon expiration" is implemented for small-caliber civil water meters, and "periodic verification" is implemented for industrial water meters. Since 1999, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has listed water meters as one of the six key management measuring instruments, and its license for manufacturing measuring instruments has been issued at the provincial level, and has promulgated the necessary conditions for water meter production.


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