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The importance of smart water meters to more effectively use and manage scarce water resources

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As an important subsystem in a smart city, smart water is the focus of construction. Realizing the optimization and upgrading of water affairs with the help of smart water affairs platform has become an inevitable trend of our water conservancy business development. The characteristics of global water resources are: In the absence of water resources, the problem of water pollution and waste is still very serious.


How to use and manage the limited and scarce water resources more efficiently has become the focus of industry development. In the context of my country's economic development entering a new normal, the maturity of automation and information technology has given birth to the construction and development of smart water services. Smart water is the use of automated equipment to obtain underlying data, combined with information technology to extract, process and disclose urban water information, and then efficiently and low-cost management of urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, comprehensive utilization of recycled water, etc., to solve the problem of urban Water issues provide necessary decision support.

In the field of smart water affairs, IoT technology is mainly used for water resources management, water affairs information management, and water production process management. Realize the real-time monitoring and dynamic collection, scheduling and remote management of water affairs information through the Internet of Things, and use the water affairs private network and wireless network to complete the calibration, management and monitoring of related equipment, improve efficiency, and realize the intelligentization of water supply, water use and decision-making . In order to meet the needs of national water resources management, we launched a combined application of intelligent flowmeter and wireless remote valve control platform operation, so that the management can achieve intelligent measurement and distribution of water resources. For example, Lora, GPRS technology and high-precision turn-down ultrasonic technology can all realize smart water affairs. Welcome water department and interested engineering projects to inquire about this product technology.



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