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The working principle of intelligent remote water meter

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The working principle of intelligent remote water meter

 There are many types of smart remote water meters. Now the more mainstream classification method is to classify according to the data transmission method, which is divided into wired remote water meter and wireless remote water meter.

 There are different types of wired remote water meters such as pulse, photoelectric and RS485.

The most mainstream wireless remote water meters are gprs remote water meters, LORA water meters, and nb water meters.

 The working principle of the gprs remote water meter: the gprs remote water meter is equipped with a gprs wireless transmission module on the basis of the bus water meter, and the water meter data is transmitted to the remote meter reading system through the gprs signal, such as the current loRA water meter and nb water meter, Generally, the wireless remote water meter can realize remote meter reading, remote valve opening and closing, etc.


 Wired remote transmission intelligent remote water meter is mainly a water meter with RS485 interface. Advantages of wired remote transmission 485 intelligent water meter: real-time monitoring of water meter operation, and complete functions. Complicated. It is very easy to be damaged. For example, the user cuts the line or short-circuits it. When repairing, there is nowhere to be damaged. The maintenance amount after operation may be higher than the user's water bill. Therefore, it does not have the conditions for mass promotion.

 General intelligent remote water meters include LORA water meters and nb-iot water meters. Its advantages are: it can monitor the operation of the water meter in real time, and has complete functions and convenient installation. It is the best model in the future. Disadvantages: The cost is about one-third higher than that of the IC card water meter. The overall technology is not mature, the anti-interference ability is poor, and the operation is unstable. It is suitable for areas where water meters are scattered.

Main features of intelligent remote water meter:

1. Remote copy reading: Periodically periodically report the readings of the report meter actively.

2. Remote valve control: the valve can be closed and opened remotely.

3. Prepayment: Support prepayment and pre-order volume, and close the valve in arrears.

4. Early warning system: alarm prompts such as undervoltage, abnormal metering, pre-purchased volume and pre-paid usage reaching the threshold, and different emergency water consumption can be set according to different users.

5. Ladder water price: The water price can be set with different benchmark prices and tiered prices according to the user category and consumption.

6. Ultra-long-life combined battery: The battery-capacitor combined power supply guarantees that it can be used for more than 6 years without replacement.

7. Built-in/external: support built-in/external, stable and reliable signal, full coverage, no blind spots.

8. High sampling accuracy: The water meter remote transmission based on our module photoelectric, Hall, reed switch and magnetic switch sampling, the reading accuracy can reach 100%.

9. Reed switch fault detection

When a sampling reed switch fails, the meter will upload the reed switch failure prompt, and the meter can still measure accurately.

10. Flexible setting of upload frequency: The data upload cycle can be set to meet the management needs of different users.

11. Replaceable battery structure design patent: The battery box adopts an independent replaceable design, without opening the upper cover of the main body, and the replacement is convenient.


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