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Ultrasonic Water Meter Double Flanged GPRS Municipal

Ultrasonic water meter is to detect ultrasonic waves in the water downstream and counter current propagation time difference, This new all-electronic water meter is calculated by the program analysis and processing of water flow rate and then calculate the water flow.
Maximum temperature:
Maximum pressure:
  • LXC-DN50~DN300

Ultrasonic Water Meter Double Flanged GPRS Municipal



Bulk caliber-DN50~300

Ultrasonic Water Meter Double Flanged GPRS Municipal


·Double-flange dry-type digital water meter, used in industrial pipelines, suitable for high pressure environment, can choose whether to install pulse output
·With remote transmission system software to support reading and monitoring
·Bulk Water Meter

·Material: cast iron, ductile iron
·Applicable scene: home main pipe, apartment main pipe, municipal water supply
·Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.
· Communication: rs485 modbus, GPRS

Technical parameter

Nominal diameter(mm) 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Max flow Q4(m³/h) 50 78.75  78.75  125  200  312.5  500  787.5  1250 
Nominal flow Q3(m³/h) 40 63  63  100  160 250  400  630  1000 
Transitional flow Q2(m³/h) 0.16  0.756  0.252  0.4  0.64 1.6  2.52 
Min flow Q1(m³/h) 0.1  0.158  0.158  0.25  0.4 0.625  1.575  2.5 
Protection class IP68         
Measuring range Q3/Q1 R250/R400         
Accuracy class Class 2   
Battery life 8years         
Temperature class T50         
Pressure loss class ΔP63         
Flow prefile sensitivity class U10/D5         
Environmental class Class B,M1         
Electromagnetic environmrnt class E1         
Working pressure 1.6Mpa         
Max flow indication(m³) 9999999.9         
Reverse flow indication(m³) 9999999.9         
Installation position Horizontal or Vertical         

NOTE: The flange dimension conforms to ISO7005-1:1988 standard. Flange standard can be customized. Order for products of special requirements is also accepted.


Pre-sales and after-sales service

1. Pre-sale service

Patient product introduction.

AMR system demonstration.

Project case introduction.

Support sample ordering.

2. After-sales service

Installation instructions, including software part and water meter part;

Support data to the third management system;

Installation supervision, on-site debugging and advertising training;

Maintain long-term tracking and service, even beyond the warranty time



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