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Ultrasonic Water Meter For Commercial & Industrial

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The ultrasonic water meter adopts multi-channel design. It can mark double-segment measurement with the highest measurement accuracy under various pipeline flow conditions.


The ultrasonic water meter uses a through-hole design and has no mechanical moving parts. Since there is no pressure loss, the energy consumption of the water pump is greatly reduced. Thereby greatly reducing the operating costs of water supply enterprises.

The ultrasonic water meter is powered by a battery and has a micro-power design. The measurement period is one second. Only one battery can work continuously for more than 10 years (power consumption: <= 0.5mW).

The ultrasonic water meter has high reliability. It can work for a long time at any flow point without electromagnetic interference.

The water meter is highly sensitive to the smallest start-up flow rate (the flow rate as low as 0.002m/s can be detected).

The ultrasonic water meter has multiple output functions. Connect to GSM for wireless data transmission. A monitoring system can be formed to minimize the working status of the instrumentation pipe network.

Ultrasonic water meters are suitable for accurately measuring the flow of water delivered through the urban water supply network and the total amount of water allocated to each household (measured by the main water meter). It can also find applications in various industrial sites where there is no power supply.


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