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Ultrasonic water meter

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Ultrasonic water meter

Ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter, which detects the time difference caused by the speed change when the ultrasonic beam propagates in the opposite direction of the water. It can analyzes and processes the water flow rate to further calculate the water flow rate. 

  • Scope of application:

    Ultrasonic water meters are suitable for the time-based charging system for centralized water supply in civil residences, office buildings and commercial places.

  • Advantages of water meter:

    1.There is no mechanical movement, no wear, and it is not affected by bad water quality.

    2.The maintenance cost is low.

    3.The communication interface is Lora or Rs485, which can realize remote real-time monitoring and management.

  • Installation conditions:

    1. The water should not contain too many impurities, which will affect the accuracy of water meter measurement.

    2. Try to avoid exposure to the sun and flooding at the installation site.

    3. It is better to clean the pipeline in the installed pipeline before construction.

    4. It is required to install a water quality filter to better protect the ultrasonic water meter.

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