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What are the advantages of IC card smart water meters for water supply management departments?

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What are the advantages of IC card smart water meters for water supply management departments?

 The transformation of "one meter for one household" has been implemented in my country. Everyone has noticed that the old-fashioned mechanical water meter of each household has been replaced by the current IC card smart water meter. Why should it be replaced with this kind of meter? Smart card water meter price It is more expensive than the price of mechanical water meters, but the competitiveness of mechanical water meters in the water meter market is not as good as before, and the sales of smart card water meters have shown a sharp increase in recent years, so what is the reason for this situation? What happened? The reason is because the smart card water meter can bring more help to the water supply department than the mechanical water meter. So what are the help and advantages of the smart card water meter for the water supply department? Next, let's do it together Analysis analysis.

1. Better management of fee payment

In the old community, for the water supply department, the collection of water fees is often a long-term work cost, manpower and material resources, but the replacement of the IC card smart water meter is different. Its greatest help is reflected in the work of water supply charging.

In the past, due to the use of mechanical water meters, the water supply department has been in a very passive situation in water supply charging, because they can only charge one by one after all users have used up the water. Such a charging model will inevitably make some users in There are crooked thoughts on water bills, and there will be more and more users who are in arrears and unwilling to pay water bills. Over time, it will bring more serious economic losses to the department, which is naturally unwilling to see the water supply department. to the situation.


2. Advantages of IC card smart water meter

©Prepaid function: The water sales department recharges the value through the IC card, and the user function inputs the amount to the water meter through the IC card.

©Inquiry function: Users can inquire about the remaining amount, water consumption, and other related information on the LCD of the water meter

© One meter and one card: After the user inserts the card (swipe card) on the meter for the first time to purchase water, the card is automatically bound to the water meter. In the future, the user can only use this card to purchase water, insert the card (swipe the card), and the water meter will not recognize other users. card.

©The function of preventing water hoarding: In order to prevent users from purchasing too much water at one time, a limited amount of water is specially set. In order to prevent users from purchasing water and hoarding water many times, the water meter has set the maximum water consumption. When the user recharges, the water meter will automatically calculate the available water. When the available water exceeds the limit, the user's recharge will be unsuccessful, and the user can recharge only after a certain amount of water is used up. In this way, the water price adjustment schedule can also be adjusted in time.

© Card replacement function: After the user loses the card, he can go to the water sales department to replace the card, and the amount in the original card will not be lost.

©Valve abnormal metering function: If a fault occurs and cannot be turned off, it will produce "overdraft" water. The controller will automatically record the "overdraft" water volume, and write the overdraft water volume back to the user's water purchase card for automatic deduction when the next recharge is made.

©Regularly open and close the valve function: the water meter will automatically open and close the valve once at the specified set time, which can achieve the ball valve descaling function and also achieve the battery discharge function.

©Anti-strong magnetic interference function: The reed switch of the metering sensor of the IC card water meter is a magnetic control switch. When it encounters a strong external magnetic field, the reed switch will be in a normally open or normally closed state, thereby affecting the electronic measurement of the water meter.

© Power-off protection function: When power is off at any time, all operating data will be stored in the internal memory for ten years.

 Of course, the intelligence of the IC card smart water meter is not only reflected in the management of charges. This water meter can also provide great help to the property in meter reading, monitoring, and water supply management! If the property under your jurisdiction needs to replace a batch of When you don't know how to choose a water meter, then you might as well try an IC card smart water meter, maybe there are more surprises waiting for you!

 In recent years, with the implementation of water-saving policies such as "ladder water price" and "one meter for one household", the market demand for smart water meters has also continued to expand. We Continuously develop and improve digital remote transmission network water meters, and help customers implement data analysis, hosting and other services, and provide products and technical support and services for customers to build smart water affairs. Welcome to consult.


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