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What are the advantages of remote water meters?

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The remote water meter is based on a common mechanical cold and hot water meter and a remote transmission system. The main control parameters selected for the water meter are flow, normal flow, overload flow, smaller flow, boundary flow, nominal pressure, larger allowable working pressure, pressure loss, etc.

According to the electromechanical conversion method, the remote water meter is divided into: real-time conversion type remote water meter, direct reading type remote water meter, and pulse type remote water meter. According to the structure of the wing wheel, it is divided into: spiral wing type remote water meter, and rotor type remote water meter. According to the immersion method of the counting device, it is divided into different types: dry remote water meter, wet remote water meter water meter, liquid sealed remote water meter.

Remote water meters can manage all water systems in more detail. Remote water meters use a computer system to record all data, it is not as troublesome as manual recording. The remote water meter can be used in every unit, every building, every unit and every line at any time. The network segment will record and manage these data in detail. Thereby providing a very reliable real-time data system. The remote water meter plays a very strict combing role in the whole work. Not only does it reduce costs well, but it also provides a scientific basis for water companies' decisions.

The remote water meter has the following two advantages:

1. Pipeline leaks can be detected early.

The underground water supply pipeline is very complicated. Over time, it may be damaged and leaked due to aging or other reasons. However, if the situation is not serious, it is difficult to find it. As time goes by, water will be wasted. You can quickly understand this situation through a remote water meter. If there are water droplets, the remote water meter will display the corresponding data. Therefore, the location of the problem can be quickly determined, and measures can be taken to fix and remedy it as soon as possible.

2. Abnormal water consumption phenomena such as running, dripping, and leakage can be detected early.

When users use water, there will be some abnormal phenomena of water use, such as leakage of certain pipes or leakage of toilets. If these problems are not discovered in time, some disputes about water charges may occur between users and between users. The remote water meter will read in real time for 24 hours. In this way, problems can be quickly identified and the amount of water loss can be calculated. Especially if the water pipe of the solar water heater leaks, it is very concealed, which is usually difficult. However, this problem can be discovered by the remote water meter, so it can be repaired in time. This not only saves water, but also reduces related misunderstandings and contradictions.


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