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What are the application fields of ultrasonic water meter?

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The fields with large demand for ultrasonic water meters include agricultural irrigation, township water supply, urban water supply and smart city construction. The specific reasons are as follows:


1). Agricultural irrigation: no mechanical transmission parts, no flow blocking elements, ultrasonic water meter measurement is hardly affected by water quality, can adapt to the conditions of poor agricultural irrigation water quality, and is the most suitable product for agricultural irrigation water measurement ;

2). Smart city: no pressure loss, reduce pump energy consumption and achieve energy-saving goal; Complete communication interfaces; Convenient networking and remote monitoring, reflecting intelligence; Battery powered, no mechanical transmission parts, long service life;

3). Urban water supply: the starting flow of ultrasonic water meter is low to avoid non measurement of small flow and increase water fee income; High measurement accuracy ensures the accurate measurement of water charges; Wide range ratio, suitable for various users with different water consumption;

4). Township water supply: adapt to various domestic water quality conditions; The communication network is convenient with many output signals, which is convenient for automatic settlement and computer management, so as to realize the centralized management of water resources, improve the management efficiency , remote monitoring and reduce the management cost.


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