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What if the IC card of the smart water meter is lost?

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Current smart water meters are equipped with an IC card to support operation, but don't underestimate this card. If this card is lost, it directly affects the user's water consumption. This brings great inconvenience to terminal users and managers. What if the smart water meter IC card is lost? For this reason, our company came up with a good solution in order to solve this existing problem.

If the user's card is lost, then you must find the management department that manages your water charges. Let me talk about your situation first. After that, the management department will send the relevant personnel carrier check card to the user's home to record the relevant information in your home table.

After the manager returns to the management department, he enters the information in the check card he just used into the card writing machine. In this case, there is a button to replenish the card among the functions provided in the card writer. When the administrator presses the card replacement button, and then swipes the card writing machine with an unused card, all the water consumption in your home will be entered into this new card. Including the user's remaining water volume and the number of gear words will be displayed. This way you will no longer have to worry about problems that cannot be solved by paying the water bill. Users can use this new card to pay for water charges and normal water use in the future.

In fact, in the development of modern intelligence, no matter what kind of situation is encountered, researchers have thought of it for everyone. From the above question of how to replace the smart water meter IC card, it is obvious that the smartness of the IC card water meter is reflected. Otherwise, users will not solve this problem in a timely manner.

After long-term use, the water meter will breed harmful substances inside. Through the secondary pollution of tap water, it poses a threat to people's health. Regularly verify the IC card water meter, and clean up the impurities and debris inside and inside the pipeline in time. It can effectively protect people's economic interests and guarantee people's health.

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