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What should be paid attention to when installing the ultrasonic heat meter?

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There are many issues that thermal companies need to consider when installing an ultrasonic heat meter. This article focuses on the problems that occur during the installation of the ultrasonic thermometer and briefly introduces you.

In the process of installing the ultrasonic thermometer, you need to pay attention to the following points.

1. False alarm during operation: Before normal debugging, please check whether the grounding resistance value meets the requirements and whether there is a virtual connection.

2. The wire crimp is loose. Anti-circle: The uncompressed wire should be pressed again, and the anti-circle should be adjusted clockwise, otherwise it is not allowed.

3. When crimping wires, carefully measure the insulation resistance of each circuit. If commissioning is difficult, remove the crimp cable and check again until it is accurate.

4. The cross section of the ground wire of the junction box does not meet the requirements. The crimp connection is not firm: the ground wire should be selected according to requirements. The crimping should be equipped with a lock washer and crimped firmly, and marked with a grounding mark for inspection.

5. The lead numbers are chaotic and the color is uneven: according to the requirements of the product technical manual. Check the wiring according to the lead number, and tighten the clearly marked special-shaped terminal number tube, and the same wire circuit should be the same color.

6. The junction box is not firmly fixed, and there are cracks around the surface of the cassette. The wall is not adhered: please re-install and fix the damaged surface firmly, if it is severely damaged, repair it. If the wall is not correct, check the wall for flatness, and then install the junction box stably after repair.



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