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Which projects will use ultrasonic water meters?

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ultrasonic water meters

1). It is applied to DMA District metering and evaluation system and SCADA system of water supply network;

2). Real time monitoring of water pressure, water volume, temperature and other parameters in the independent metering area of water supply network;

3). Analyze the change trend of minimum flow at night, evaluate the leakage of pipe network in the area, and provide basis for real-time alarm analysis of abnormal conditions;

4). Provide data basis for water supply management departments to rationally allocate water resources and make scientific decisions. Reduce the intensity of manual meter reading work. Improve the efficiency of the water supply management department.

5). Provide water supply dispatch evaluation etc. for the monitoring data of large industrial and commercial users. It has functions such as water abnormality alarm and pipeline network hydraulic model verification. Provide a basis for water monitoring and analysis, reduce the difference between production and sales of water supply enterprises, and improve the quality of the pipe network. Network management level of water supply enterprises.


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