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Why choose an ultrasonic water meter?

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Why choose an ultrasonic water meter?

In order to cater to the development of the intelligent society and the Internet of Things, and in today's digital world with increasing demand for communication technology, so the mechanical water meters have slowly fallen behind, and smart metering is the trend of future development.


  1. The installation method of the ultrasonic water meter is simple, and there are no blades that will wear out in the large meter or the need to replace the bearing, and ensures its long service life and measurement accuracy.

  2. Compared with mechanical instruments, ultrasonic instruments also have a remote reading function, without manual meter reading, so it has saving manpower and material resources. It can also avoid problems such as misreading of manual data, and can better serve residents.

  3. The ultrasonic water meter can monitor the pipeline leakage and alarm in time. Reduce water costs due to leaking operations.

  4. Ultrasonic water meters can also provide platform alarm signals, including low-voltage alarms and low-battery alarms.

Our company is currently selling this type of ultrasonic water meters, which are indoor water meters and outdoor water meters. If you buy our water meter and the water meter is damaged within the specified time, you can also contact me to solve the after-sales problem if you want to replace the water meter.

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