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Why do water company like to use IC card & STS type

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prepaid function water meters?

With the continuous emergence of smart products, people are enjoying many advantages brought by smart devices. At present, smart devices have expanded to many fields. For example, many water companies have installed smart water meters with IC cards or tokens (STS type). For water supply companies, the installation of this equipment can reflect the following advantages:

Advantage 1: Reduce the work intensity of employees. Avoid direct cash transactions and reduce capital losses caused by human error.

Advantage 2: Through the intelligent system, the entire management system of the water plant is established. It can well realize the scientific management between the water plant and the water use unit.

Advantage 3: Simplify the accounting of financial personnel and establish a sound financial system. Make the financial process of the water plant more scientific and automated, and improve the office efficiency of the water plant.

Advantage four: convenient inquiries. Regardless of whether it is a water use unit or a water supply organization, you can check water use anytime and anywhere. And you can keep track of water usage at any time.

Advantage 5: IC card and STS type can only use the prepaid water meter method. It can prevent water users from wasting water due to overdue payment by the water company, underpayment of water bills and water leakage. Help the water company to charge timely.

The above is the reason why water companies like to use smart water meters with prepaid functions. Not only do water companies like to use ic cards or STS prepaid smart water meters, they are also popular among urban water users.



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