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   You need a good solution for water metering---Catering all your needs.
  As the China’s professional manufacturer and distributor since 2013, we have developed a comprehensive water meter range and a complete solution for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market on Mechanical type water meter and smart water meters. Moving with the changes in technology and precision metering has been the mission of the company since its genesis and we are adding metering that can support water sustainability using. Since 2017, we start the export smart water meters to the whole world, and hope more and more countries and region people can save the water with us together with the smart technology and system. Nowadays, SH-MECH Meters have already become one the main important exporter for water flow meters in China.
  We will provide your product to your hand in timely manner and keep you informed of process with your order throughout the whole sales. From the strictly QC inspection, strictly cost control and five star quality services, we believe that you will own a more solution on water metering.


Our staff have unparalleled technical product knowledge. This enables us to help you service your customer’ metering needs with confidence. 
  • Mechanical type water meters: Multi-Jet, Single-Jet, Volumetric Piston type, Woltman type.
  • Smart type water meters: AMR Wireless and Wired type, Prepaid type water meter.
  • Electromagnetic flow meter with RS485 / M-Bus output.
  • Ultrasonic flow meter and water meters.
  • Water meter spare parts, like Mechanism, Counter, body, and accessories.
  • Water meter box.
  • Test bench.


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Whatsapp: 0086 13131984716
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