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sh-mech Irrigation water meter

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In the case of water shortages, irrigation water is gradually being managed. We’re water meter manufacturer and distributor from China. Our factory was established in 1966 and has more than 10 years of export experience. The bulk size water meters are sold to the United States, India, Morocco, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries, so please believe that our export experience is very rich.

We have a strict quality inspection system, after the completion of the water meter production, shipments will not be scheduled until after repeated factory testing.

Our factory equipment:

DN50 calibration station -5 units

Large diameter pressure test bench - 3 sets

DN250-300 test bench-1 set, our factory is one of the earliest manufacturers to introduce equipment in China. At present, the number of such large-diameter test stands is more than 8 in China.

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