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You need a good solution for water metering---Catering all your needs.
As the China’s professional manufacturer and distributor since 2013, we have developed a comprehensive water meter range and a complete solution for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market on Mechanical type water meter and smart water meters. Moving with the changes in technology and precision metering has been the mission of the company since its genesis and we are adding metering that can support water sustainability using. Since 2017, we start the export smart water meters to the whole world, and hope more and more countries and region people can save the water with us together with the smart technology and system. Nowadays, SH-MECH Meters have already become one the main important exporter for water flow meters in China.
We will provide your product to your hand in timely manner and keep you informed of process with your order throughout the whole sales. From the strictly QC inspection, strictly cost control and five star quality services, we believe that you will own a more solution on water metering.

These are  our solution cases
 Ultrasonic Heat Meter in Wanda Group
In 2014, we were selected as the supplier of Wanda Group. We have provided ultrasonic heat meter, IC card remote water meter, photoelectric direct reading remote water meter and heating control valve for Wanda Square, Bozhou Wanda Square and Yingkou Wanda Square. The products are well received by users.
Ultrasonic meter in Beijing University of Technology 
We have cooperated with Beijing University of Technology in heating the canteen with an ultrasonic calorimeter. At present, the quality of our product is relatively satisfactory in the campuses of Beijing University of Technology.
IC Card Intelligent Water Meter in Zhenjiang Baolong Mall
The selection of DN20/DN25 IC card intelligent water meter and DN80 IC card intelligent water meter formeets the needs of Baolong's business management. Before sale, the plan is tailored according to the actual situation of Baolong. During the sale, the installation and use are guided and followed up until after sale, and the customer's approval is obtained.
Water Supply Project in Immigrant Village of Malaysia
Our prepaid water meters began to participate in the water supply project of Malaysian immigrant villages in 2017. Under our guidance, prepaid products are running well locally. In December 2018, customers will purchase the second batch of prepaid water meters.
Trivandrum Government pilot project in India
We started participating in this project in August 2018 and provided Lora water meter samples . Under our guidance, the sample testing was successful and pilot projects are under way.
Guadalajara Residential Pilot Project in Mexico
We provided LORA water meter to Guadalajara customers in December 2017. After one year's operation, our products are accurate in measurement and control, and have been recognized by customers.