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SHMETERS NB-IOT Water Meter Manufacturer Supplier

NB-loT Internet of Things is characterized by strong links, high coverage, low power consumption,
and low cost. t is also called the "Narrowband Internet of Things".Because of its very low communication power consumption, the NB-loT wireless remote water meter can continue to work for more than six years without changing the battery. Using the NB-loT wireless remote water meter can realize the wireless automatic meter reading function. At the same time every day, the NB-loT module will collect and automatically transmit the water consumption data of each household to the management platform.Perform statistical analysis and charge for the water consumption of water meters in the managementarea.

The NB-loT system consists of the NB-loT management system platform, base stations, and loT water meters (NB-loT). The system has a high degree of automation, can monitor the operation and consumption of the meter at any time, and has a wide range of applications.


Technical Features

1. High security
•Two-way authentication;
•The air interface is strictly encrypted;
•Dedicated channel, no other signal interference,and more stable data transmission


2.Wide coverage
•20db gain, coding gain;
•lmproved narrowband power spectrum density;
•lt has a retransmission mechanism when automatic transmission fails;

•China Mobile/Telecom's NB-loT base station has achieved full coverage


3.Low power consumption
•Battery life of more than 6 years (1 day/1 communication);

•Simplify protocol and chip micro power consumption;

•High functional efficiency;
•Short transmission/reception time;


4.Big connection
•High frequency increase efficiency;
•Small packet data sending characteristics;

•Very low activation ratio of the terminal.


5. Product implementation standards
•ISO9001; GB/T778.1.2.3-2007;JJG 162-2009;CJ/T 188-2004.