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At present, many countries water supply companies facing the challenge of water supply losing. The reasons as flowing :
1. Charge for water. Many water companies can't receive water charges in time.
2.Total water consumption. Since the user will connects the water supply pipeline without permission,  the water meter is bypassed for measurement. The water supply company can't get the accurate total water consumption of users, and has lost the basis of charging.
3. Pipeline leakage. Almost all countries' water supply networks have the problem of pipeline leakage. In some underdeveloped countries, the leakage rate can even reach 60%.
The annual loss caused by these reasons is very alarming. In order to solve these problems, our company designed and developed the following products:
  1. IC card prepaid water meter is used to solve the charging problem.
  2. AMI water meter system is used to monitor water consumption.
  3. Pipe network monitoring system is used to monitor pipeline leakage.

We sincerely hope that our products can monitor and manage the water use situation, reverse the form of loss in the water supply industry, and do our best to make good use of water resources for mankind.
Let's cherish every drop of water!

IC card prepaid water meter

Introduction:Difficulties in water charges have caused huge losses to water supply companies around the world, which has reduced water companies' income and losses. IC card prepaid water meter is designed and manufactured to solve this problem. IC card prepaid water meter system is a system for collecting user water charges. It controls the water supply by water meter with a built-in valve.

Application scenario:IC card prepaid water meter is normally used in centralized water charging  such as apartments, office buildings,school,Private water supply project etc.

Component:Prepaid Water Meter,Card reader,IC card,Software.

Work process:

1. Managers set user account information in software.
2.Users recharge IC cards at the water charge office.
3.Users use IC cards read by water meters to recharge and pay fees for water meters.
4.When the balance is 0, the water meter automatically closes the valve and cuts off the water.
5.After recharging, users  use their IC cards read by water meter again,  valve will open and restore the water supply.

Software advantages:

1. No need software installation and can be used after decompression.
2. OEM, language display and currency unit display can be customized, and company name can be added to the software.

3. The data will be saved automatically after exiting the system.
4. The management card is complete and can solve all kinds of emergencies.
5. Alarm volume and maximum backlog value can be set.
6. Tariff water price to meet the charging demand of different water consumption.
7. Simple management and user card making, easy to query consumption records.
8. Flushing function to avoid wrong charging.
9. Invoice printing, providing payment voucher to users in the most common form in the local area.

AMI System

Introduction: The measurement of total water consumption is inaccurate, resulting in the inability to collect water fees normally. The reason is as follows:
1. The water meter cannot be read in time, and the user is not at home when reading the meter.
2. The user replaces the water supply pipeline and bypasses the water meter.
Our AMI system include Lora and GPRS system which could monitors the daily water consumption of the pipeline by reading the water meter every day. If the usage is abnormal, we can find it on the service platform.

Application scenario: Suitable for almost all types of water supply. Lora system is suitable for water meter installation intensive environment, such as residential quarters, apartments, high-rise buildings and so on. GPRS system is suitable for the installation of scattered environment, such as rural residential, factory, irrigation and other industries.

Lora system
Lora water meter, concentrator, Cloudy platform, Reapter and handle reading tools
GPRS System
GPRS water meter, Cloudy platform
Work process:
Lora system

Lora water meter system are transmit and receive the signal from water meter and concentractor via Lora signal . Concentrator collect water meter reading to Platform and send the command from platform via 2g/3g/4g  or local internet signal. 
GPRS water meter system
GPRS water meter  transmit data and receive command the from water meter via 2g  signal to Platform.

Software advantages:
Lora system
1.short distance communication,so the power consumption is  low.
2. The administrator can actively send the instruction of meter reading or on-off valve to the water meter from the platform through the concentrator to achieve the purpose of real-time control.
3. The cost of use is low, only concentrator need use sim card. Water meter no need.

GPRS System
1. Simple installation,the installation method is the same as the mechanical water meter, no wiring is required;
2. The signal transmission is stable without being affected by the communication distance.
3. Short online time, it will go online for 30S to ensure the service life of batteries.

3.Pipe Leakage system

Introduction:The loss caused by the leakage of water supply pipe net is very alarming, especially when the pipeline burst suddenly. Take a DN300 pipe as an example. After the pipe burst, the loss in one hour is as high as 1250 cubic meters of water. If it can't be repaired in time, the burst water will wash the ground and cause the road collapse, which will cause casualties and property losses
Our pipe network monitoring system can quickly locate the pipeline to be repaired and send out the alarm message after the pipe burst. Our users can organize the emergency repair at the first time to recover the loss and eliminate the hidden danger.
This system uses a high range ratio ultrasonic water meter (r400), which can accurately measure the water flow through the main pipeline, and provide the calculation basis for billing and pipeline leakage.

Application scenario:The main pipe in the water supply pipe, the pipe size is more than DN50.

Component:Ultrasonic bulk size water meter (R400), GPRS RTU, Pressure Sensor,Cloudy Platform.
Work process:

1.The ultrasonic water meter collects the flow in the pipeline, and the pressure data is uploaded to the cloud service platform through RTU.
2.Sudden change alarm of pressure and flow.

Software advantages:

1. High range ratio ultrasonic water meter, accurate measurement.
2. Fast feedback and accurate positioning of emergency information.



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