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QC-Water Proof 

Shower equipment

 Test the ability of products to protect tiny water molecules in different seasons; 

Long-term heating cycle soaking water aging experiment

soaking water meter and  tests the product life cycle.
QC-Working condition simulation 

High pressure valve torque test equipment

The equipment increases the water supply pressure (1.2MPa) , and tests the switching capacity of the valve. It should be average power consumption is ≤75mA;

Deep water with stand pressure simulation equipment

It can simulate the 20m water depth water pressure 

Salt fog equipment

Simulate the harmful gas impact on the water meter, and find out the solution case. 
QC-flow calibrate
Water Meter flow Test Bench DN15-DN25 
Water Meter flow Test Bench DN40-DN100 
Water Meter flow Test Bench DN50-DN300
QC-Working condition simulation

High and low temperature thermal shock test equipment

The equipment is equipped with two different water temperatures (one normal  and one 90 °C). It is used to test and determine the parameters and performance of temperature and environmental changes of products.
High and low temperature thermal shock test equipment 
High and low temperature wet heat alternating test equipment

Product assembly line

Complete the final packaging,test the functions used by the customer, and save the original inspection records

Semi-automatic assembly line

used for assembly of main parts of products, process inspection, flow-through operation mode, and saves process data through computer for check.

Automatic sealing machine

It is used for sealing the two-component seal of medium and large seals. 


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