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water saving tips for your business

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In a corporate environment, water bills can be a nightmare. Especially when you consider the fact that water prices are rising every year. As a small business, we know that reducing water consumption is a cost-saving way for us. Want to know how we can improve the water efficiency of buildings? Here are some simple water saving tips that can help your company save money while saving the planet!


1. Use water-saving taps.

People forget that turning off the tap is one of the most common ways to spend large amounts of cash on water. Switch from the traditional sensor faucet to the automatic sensor faucet. They can only be activated when they recognize the hand below. This is a very simple way to ensure that the building's bathroom does not become a financial distress!

2. Low flush toilet.

Another device that increases water bills is the toilet. Did you know that every time someone flushes the toilet, they actually use 10 to 20 liters of water? Let you consider how much you can save here, right? One of the most effective ways to save water in buildings is to use low-flush toilets. Using only 6 liters or 3 liters of reduced flush options can save up to 50% of water consumption.

3. Catch the rain.

You may be thinking: Why collect rainwater? Well, although you might think that rainwater is relatively clean. And to put it simply: Free! However, in some countries/regions, if you have a water storage tank, you may be taxed. So please check the laws of your place of residence. But even if your country has such a policy, collecting rainwater can help you save up to 40% of your water consumption. Also, if you consider using rainwater to take care of the landscape. Research shows that plants actually prefer rain! You can also use it for watery toilets or cleaning purposes.


4. Monitor water consumption to prevent water leakage.

Even if you do your best to control the water consumption of the building, it will not help. Of course, you may accidentally find that the tap leaks occasionally. But what about all possible leaks in the piping system? Yes: 1 out of 3 buildings is currently experiencing expensive leaks. Without automatic leak detection, 95% of leaks would be missed. It is very easy to install Shayp equipment on the water meter. You can reduce water consumption by as much as 30% by eliminating leaks! Click here to learn more.

5. Sustainable beautification of the environment.

You may want to think twice about how and when to water gardens or plants in buildings or offices. Do try to water as early as possible or at the end of the day. This practice prevents water from evaporating due to exposure to sunlight and heat. And, don’t forget to only water when necessary! If the rain has not solved it for you, you only need to water the lawn once a week. If you are using automatic watering. Please make sure it is set up correctly and you are not watering on the sidewalk! And check whether the automation system is closed on rainy days.



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