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Difference between NB IOT water meter, Lora water meter and GPRS water meter

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With the progress of the times, the daily use of water meters has become more and more intelligent. Technology makes meter reading and billing intelligent. Today, the main outstanding water meters are NB IOT water meters, Lora water meters and GPRS water meters. However, most people do not know how to choose and how to distinguish these three types of electricity meters?


What is nb-iot water meter? Laura water meter? GPRS water meter?

NB IOT is an emerging technology in the IOT field, which supports the cellular data connection of Wan's low-power devices. NB IOT uses licensed frequency bands and is based on the most extensive operator network in the world. It can be directly deployed in GSM network, umts network or LTE network to enjoy better service.

Lora was born before NB IOT. Lora works in an unlicensed frequency band, so no additional fees are charged. Compared with NB IOT, the Lora protocol is easier to develop and the relative cost is lower. Lora nodes can sleep for a long time or for a short time according to the needs of specific application scenarios, and have a longer battery life. 

GPRS is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio Service Technology. For the data packet switching mode, users only occupy resources during the period of sending or receiving data. This means that multiple users can effectively share the same wireless channel. Thereby improving resource utilization, while linking time is long and payment cost is low. GPRS can provide a transmission rate of up to 115kbps, which is very high.

The characteristics of the three instruments

☛Ultrasonic NB valve-controlled water meter: It is a new type of intelligent fully electronic valve-controlled water meter using ultrasonic detection technology. The instrument integrates measurement, accumulation, display and valve remote control functions. It uses micro-power technology. The battery can be used for more than 8 years, and the minimum flow rate can be accurately measured at 0.001 m3/h. At the same time, the instrument has small size, good stability and strong anti-interference ability.

Ultrasonic flow measurement technology can realize multi-angle installation, does not affect instrument measurement, and minimizes pipeline pressure loss.

The valve switch can be remotely controlled to realize remote control of water.

The intelligent valve-controlled water meter can be connected with the nb-iot module produced by our company, and use the NB network for data transmission. Thus forming a wireless monitoring system. When the pipe network is abnormal, you can actively report the abnormal information about the pipe network operation.

LoRa Smart Water Meter: Using advanced wireless transmission technology, it realizes remote centralized meter reading of water meters, concentrators, and computers. No wiring is required, and the structure is simple and convenient, effectively solving the problem of meter reading. The remote water meter uses a wireless network with a water meter, without gap coverage and blind spots of meter reading. The valve is designed with anti-rust function, and the valve is automatically opened and closed twice a month.

Frequency automatic calibration technology: automatic adjustment of operating parameters. Effectively avoid frequency deviation caused by environmental changes, and achieve ultra-high meter reading rate.

Electromagnetic wave wake-up technology: wake up the target smart meter during meter reading to make it in a communication state. After reading the meter, it will automatically return to the ultra-low power consumption state to save energy and reduce power consumption.

You can choose a variety of meter reading modes. Wireless meter reading system and handheld meter reading system are selected according to different requirements.

There are two optional designs for timed uploading and real-time uploading to meet different customers and achieve different effects.

High waterproof grade design, protection grade up to IP68.

Use high-performance, low-power Semtech communication chip;

GPRS ultrasonic water meter: The ultrasonic water meter and GPRS data acquisition module are integrated into a whole. It has the characteristics of compact structure and convenient installation. The watch uses high-quality low-voltage ceramic ceramic transducers to ensure high accuracy and stability. The instrument has no mechanical movement, no wear, is not affected by poor water quality, and has low maintenance costs. The meter can be installed horizontally and vertically.

The humanized design can meet the requirements of normal reading angle and make reading more convenient. GPRS ultrasonic water meter can display cumulative flow (M3), instantaneous flow (m3/h), cumulative running time (H), and cumulative error time (H). It can also display the current date, factory number, and the previous 24 months of the monthly water consumption value. It has low battery indication and automatic error diagnosis function to ensure safe and accurate operation. The water meter is also equipped with an infrared interface, which can be read by a handheld automatic meter reader.

Why is nb-iot remote water meter better than GPRS water meter?

The popularization and use of water meters is to make people form the idea of careful calculation and water saving. Currently, water supply companies pay more attention to wireless remote water meters. Wireless remote water meters include nb-iot remote water meters, GPRS remote water meters and Lora remote water meters.

For water supply enterprises, although the nb-iot remote water meter started late, its application effect is better than that of GPRS water meter. why? In order to collect and collect data, the most primitive way to read meters is to read meters at home and make statistics. This method is very inconvenient, so there are various remote meter reading solutions. As far as the wireless meter reading scheme is concerned, GPRS remote meter reading starts early. It solves a series of problems of manual meter reading. It is more advanced, more efficient and safer than manual meter reading. However, GPRS remote meter reading also has some disadvantages. If the user capacity is small, the power consumption is high, the signal is poor, etc., it cannot be widely used.

nb-iot remote meter reading is different. It adopts mature narrowband Internet of Things technology, which can solve the problems in the process of GPRS water meter data collection. NB IOT remote water meter inherits the GPRS remote meter reading function, but also has a large capacity. The communication user capacity of the same base station is 10 times that of GPRS remote meter reading. Under the same environment, the standby time of the Nb IOT terminal module can be as long as more than 10 years. The new technology has stronger signal coverage (covering indoors and basements) and so on.


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